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English: Literature, Rhetoric, and Composition: Fall 2015: ENGL 3200, James Joyce's Ulysses and 20th C. Criticism

What We'll Do Today

1) Develop an internal checklist to tell scholarly from popular sources.
2) Use multiple databases to survey critical discussion of a work and locate full-text of scholarly articles through the library.
3) Develop a strong understanding of the differences between secondary criticism and primary sources.
4) Find Joycean primary sources and special collections online, including the local libraries and special collections you can visit in-person.

Scholarly vs. Popular Sources

Compare the articles passed out in class, and write down any difference that comes to mind. Be thorough -- any variable you note will be worth discussing, including the contents, methods, author, publisher, vocabulary, graphics, audience, advertising, and more.

Surveying the Criticism

Don't be satisfied with your first search. Try a few different sources, go past the first page of results, and check the bibliography of articles and books even if you don't read them. You will see that the same authors and titles re-appear, and you'll start to get a handle on what has made the biggest impact.

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

This guide to Primary and Secondary Sources from UC - Santa Cruz has helpful questions to begin distinguishing between primary and secondary sources: 

  • How does the author know these details (names, dates, times)? Was the author present at the event or soon on the scene?
  • Where does this information come from—personal experience, eyewitness accounts, or reports written by others?
  • Are the author's conclusions based on a single piece of evidence, or have many sources been taken into account (e.g., diary entries, along with third-party eyewitness accounts, impressions of contemporaries, newspaper accounts)?

First, take a look at the three articles we've been using in class. Where do primary sources appear in the article text? If there are notes or references, where do primary sources appear there?

Second, go through the first two or three pages of the Google searches below and, without clicking on the links, make your best guess as to whether you'd find primary or secondary and popular or scholarly sources behind each link.

Formatting Citations

Overviews of Joyce and Ulysses

Local & Special Collections in Joyce

Try ArchiveGrid first and see which collections are local. 

Next try the individual websites of local libraries with large special collections. Special collections have high security, so there are special rules for visiting -- check with the library website, call, and make a research plan before heading over.

Northeastern is part of the Boston Library Consortium, which makes visiting many local libraries easy.