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English: Literature, Rhetoric, and Composition: Fall 2016: ENGL 3325, Rhetoric of Law

Reference & Overviews

U.S. Supreme Court

General News

For more options see our full list of newspaper databases. In each of these databases you may need to use the advanced search features and limit by date.

Michael H. v. Gerald D., 91 U.S. 110

Legal and Rhetorical Context: Academic Articles

Please note that you can find more resources on the legal research guide and the composition and rhetoric guide.

Books (transcripts, background, and analysis)

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  • Use Truncation Account for variants of a word by using * to truncate a word, telling the search engine that anything after the * is acceptable. If searching for feminism, feminist, feminine, then use femini* as your term.
  • Use the Advanced Search Always look for an Advanced Search in whatever database you use. In our library catalog, it will let you look for specific years, formats, combinations of subjects, and more.
  • Use Subject Headings The most successful book catalog searches use a combination of free keyword searching and subject headings, an official summary phrase with which each book has been tagged. They will help you narrow down your topic, or find special formats.

Trial Transcripts Online

Subject Guide

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Political and Historical Context

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