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Education: Peer-Reviewed Articles

Peer-Reviewed Articles

How can I find peer reviewed articles?

Many library databases have a scholarly or peer reviewed filter you can use to limit your searches.


You can find this option on the advanced search screen:

Advanced search screen of EBSCO database highlighting the scholarly/peer reviewed sources filter


Or to the left side of your search results:

Screenshot of search results highlighting scholarly/peer reviewed filter to left of results

Once clicked, this feature limits search results to content from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals.  

*However, not every article published in a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal is a peer-reviewed article. Shorter pieces, like book reviews, editorials, and opinion pieces are often not peer reviewed, but may still appear in your search results. 

Need more help finding peer reviewed articles? Check out the short video below:

How can I determine if an article is peer reviewed?

Once you've used the scholarly/peer-reviewed filter, look at the article itself. 

Peer-reviewed articles tend to be in-depth explorations of a topic that are generally at least several pages long. They frequently contain original research, but might also be a theoretical exploration of a topic, or describe a particular program or initiative. 

Need more help recognizing scholarly/peer-reviewed articles? Watch the short video below:

What if I've found an article from somewhere outside of a library database, like Google, a course reading, or another article's reference list? How can I check to see if it's from a peer-reviewed source? 

You can use the Ulrich's Web database to check to see if a journal is peer-reviewed.

First, simply type the journal title into the Ulrichs Web search box:

Ulrichsweb search for Journal of Higher Education

Then, look for the referee icon to the left of the journal title. This will indicate that the journal is refereed, or peer-reviewed:


Screenshot of Ulrichsweb search results for the Journal of Higher Education with an arrow pointing to the referee shirt icon to the left of the journal title


Or, check out the video below to see how to verify if a journal is peer reviewed:


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