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Data Visualization: Inspiration

Looking for inspiration for your next project?

Here are some resources to help inspire you:


General data visualization

Topic Link Description
General Information is Beautiful A blog by David McCandless featuring examples of interesting data visualizations.
  Sample Data A resource with lots of sample datasetsyou can play around with, including links to repositories with even more datasets. Click "Sample Data" to navigate to the sub-page.
Types of Visualization The Data Visualization Catalogue A blog by Severino Ribecca that attempts to list every possible type of data visualization.
  Data Viz Project A blog by Ferdio, an infographic design agency, that attempts to list every possible type of data visualization.



Topic Link Description
R FlowingData A blog by Nathan Yau, a statistician who primarily uses R to create his data visualizations. He includes explanations of how he makes his visualizations as well as links to helpful tutorials.
Tableau Tableau Public's Viz-of-the-Day A blog by Tableau that shares top visualizations created and shared on Tableau Public.
Hand-Drawn Dear Data A famous project conducted by designers Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec in which they exchanged data visualizations about their lives, written on postcards.
  @Mona Chalabi An illustrator who creates hand-drawn visualizations.



Topic Link Description
Boston-based data viz MIT's Senseable City Lab A lab at MIT that creates data visualizations using data related to cities.
  The Pudding A digital publication that uses data visualization to create "visual essays" that tell often humorous stories. 
  Fathom Information Design A design group that creates data visualizations for clients.
News/Journalism Graphic Detail The Economist's blog sharing their visual work.
  FiveThirtyEight​ A digital publication focusing on politics, economics, and sports, that frequently uses data visualization
  @WSJGraphics The Wall Street Journal's Twitter feed for their graphics team.
  @nytGraphics The New York Times' Twitter feed for their graphics team.
  @postgraphics The Washington Post's Twitter feed for their graphics team.
  @BBGVisualData Bloomberg's Twitter feed for their graphics team.
  @BBCNewsGraphics BBC News' Twitter feed for their graphics team.
Scientific SA Visual Scientific American's blog sharing their visual work.


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