BIPOC Startup Resource List

Northeastern Resources

Resources for BIPOC Founders

  • Bloomfund – Grant platform for non-profits in the areas of visual arts, literature, research and educators

  • ICON360 – Grant platform for fashion designers

  • Your Friends in New York – Grant platform for creative-based businesses

  • Women Founders of Color

  • IFUNDWomen of Color – Crowdfunded grant, coaching and mentorship platform for women of color,

  • Digital Undivided – Research, training, incubation and coaching organization for black and latinx women

  • Do You Fund – Micro investment platform

  • Code2040 – Accelerator, fellowship and mentor platform for black and latinx tech students

  • NewMe - Mentorship, specialized curriculums, and capital investment for underrepresented founders

  • Black Girl Ventures – Grants, training and mentoring platform for black/brown female founders, based in Birmingham Alabama, Durham North Carolina, Houston Texas, Miami Florida and Philadelphia Pennsylvania

  • Black Founders – Grants, Hackathons and conferences for BIPOC founders, based in San Francisco California, Atlanta Georgia, New York New York, and Austin Texas

  • Backstage Capital – Invests in BIPOC founders

  • Black Upstart – Training program for black founders

  • Black Innovation Alliance – Funding, training and programming for black founders

  • Allies in Arts – Grants for LGBTQ+, BIPOC and women artists

  • New Voices Fund – Supporting women founders of color

Resources for Female Founders

Resources for All Founders