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SPPUA Spring 2019 Capstone

Tools - Research Methods and Skills

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The Sage Research Methods collection provides handbooks on all aspects of research.



These projects may require quantitative or qualitative analysis as well as survey research, case study, or program evaluation skills. Sage Research Methods will help!

Tools - Data Visualization and GIS

GIS and Data Visualization at Snell Library banner

Snell Library's GIS and Data Visualization specialists provide assistance with projects requiring spatial analysis or supporting visuals.  

Contact Bahare Sanaie-Movahed (GIS) or Steven Braun (Data Viz).

Tools - Selected Statistics, Data, and Datasets

Tools - News Sources

These news resources cover individual neighborhood and/or city/regional issues.

Also check on Nexis Uni for access to a wide variety of news sources.  The Wall Street Journal is available only through Factiva

HINT: Select Search-->Search builder . To limit to the WSJ only, type sc=j

Tools - More Research Guides

To find additional resources, consult these other Guides:

GIS and Data Visualization - Check the GIS Datasets tab for data from the U.S., Massachusetts and some other countries. Contact Bahare Sanaie-Movahed, GIS specialist for advice about international spatial data.


To find data/statistics, try these Guides:  Also, please note that many Research Guides have Data/Statistics or Statistics/Mapping tabs.  

Social Science Statistics

Social Science Data


To find articles/reports for literature reviews or briefer surveys, try these Guides:

News and Newspapers

Public Health

Public Policy and  Urban Affairs

Political Science - The Articles tab covers databases for environment/sustainability and education/social welfare/health in addition to search tools for public policy.


Business and Entrepreneurship