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HUSV 2400 Food Justice and Community Development

Your Librarian

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Christine Oka
270 Snell Library
(617) 373-3316

Getting Started

Your Assignment

You are lucky! Part 1 of this reflection paper is related to your service-learning experience--you've got this!

Part 1

  • What did you experience while doing your service learning?
  • Provide an overview of our community partners and guest speakers and the work they are engaged in based on your experiences, observations, and research---do do they fit on our course visualization?
  • What approaches to justice did you see represented, and by whom? How did you see that influencing (or not) their approaches to social change and community development?
  • What lessons from your service-learning and from our guest speakers do you think you can apply to future experiences? How will you translate what you've learned into your future engagement with the food system?

Part 2:

  • What are some of the social, political, historical and economic dimensions of this issue?
  • What should be done about this issue, from your perspective? How do organizations like the ones we worked/met with fit into that? How do your ideas dovetail with or deviate from ideas regarding community development work from the readings we did?
  • Touch on community development around this problem by recommending policy or programmatic changes, recommending new strategies for improving or expanding food justice campaigns, and/or by touching on how individuals and local communities can make change around this issue.
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