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ENG 3107 Professor Svokos

Resources for ENG 3107 Professor Svokos challenge scenario


Welcome to the library resources guide for ENG 3107. 

Below you will find descriptions and links to resources for  industry and company information, trade and professional associations, articles and case studies. 


Find Trade and Professional Orgaizations

Marketing Mentor List of Trade Associations  Select from a list of associations categorized by industry.

Use Google or other search engine to find other websites of trade and industry professional organizations relevant to your industry.  Do a search such as:

agriculture organization


agriculture association

Evaluate results.  Most organizations  have an About section, a Mission Statement and history of the organization.   Read these to determine:

  • What population or interest group they serve.
  • What they hope to accomplish.
  • How long they have been in existence.

Try searching on the organzation's name in a news database such as Nexis Uni.  If the organization is being quoted or written about in news stories, this will tell you something about perceptions of their credibility.

Databases for Industry Surveys and Reports

The reports found in the resources below will typically include the current state of the industry, plus trends, forecasts, major players and challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

Tip: Scan the list of surveys.  There may be more than one that relates to your industry,  For instance, there are multiple reports for retailing, including multiline, foods, beverages, etc.



Websites for Industry Information

Company Information

How much information you will find on a company will vary according to the size of the company and whether it is public or private.  If you don't find reports on your company in the resources below, you may find articles in trade and industry publications if the company is of interest because it is innovative, is growing quickly, etc. (See under Find Articles and Case Studies, below.)

Use the Basic Search to search by company name.



Find Articles and Case Studies

Below are links to resources you can use to search for articles by keyword. The keywords you choose are crucial to the success of your search.  Before starting, you may want to review some of the library's Research Tutorials.   These will give you tips on how to formulate a search, choose keywords, etc. 


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