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Student Worker Manual

IDEAS Student Employee Manual


Welcome to the Ref Analytics Showdown page. Here you can find instructions on how to submit ref analytics transactions, the leaderboards, and the prizes.

Giddy up and get to transacting!


How to Submit a Ref Analytics Transaction

Firstly, make sure you can log into your LibApps account.

You can add transactions to Reference Analytics directly from LibAnswers by clicking on the Ref. Analytics dropdown and selecting "Add Transaction."


You will need to manually enter the question field. You can put in a brief explanation of the question in the "type in a question box"- you can write "directions for bathroom", "room reservation". You do not need to fill out the answer field.

Select appropriate field for the "type of question", "location", and "duration" fields. When you have filled out the question field, and the drop down categories, you may click "Submit and Clear" at the bottom of the page.


What Type of Transactions Should I Put In?

You must fill out a ref analytics transaction whenever someone comes to the desk and asks you a question. Any question, EXCEPT for Alma related questions, can be put into reference analytics.


Submit a Ref Analytics Transaction: Do Not Submit a Ref Analytics Transaction:
Where is the bathroom? Checking out a book on the hold shelf using Alma.
Can you help me reserve a study room? Checking out a reserve book using Alma.
How do I access an ebook?
Can you help me search for a reserve book?



First round winners:

Rachel Raddock - 4.9 submissions per hour

Alice Yun - 3.8 submissions per hour

Viki Hornakova - 3.1 submissions per hour

Honorable mention- Camila Clavijo with 80 total submissions for this period!


Every two weeks, the top 3 H&I Desk Assistants with the highest number of ref analytics transactions will be able to get a prize!

Next prize drawing: April 1st.

Prizes: Full sized candy bars including Reeses PB cups, Twix bars, Kit Kats.

Have any questions or concerns? Contact Jess at