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Student Worker Manual

IDEAS Student Employee Manual

Inappropriate patron policy

Although it doesn't happen often, you may at times field chats from patrons who are using the service inappropriately.

The following behaviors would be considered inappropriate:

  1. Repeatedly submitting non-library-related questions (ie. asking for answers for their math homework)
  2. Sending lewd or harassing chat messages 

In either of these situations, please use the canned message marked for inappropriate patrons and leave the chat. You should also alert the desk supervisor on duty if you experience any kind of harassment. 

If the patron starts a new chat and continues the inappropriate behavior, you may block the patron using the block IP address icon at the top of the chat window.

If you block a patron, please make note of the date and time of the transaction and email your direct supervisor, CC'ing Brian Greene with this information and a brief description of the patron behavior that resulted in the block. If the behavior involved harassment, your supervisor may be required to report it to the Title IX compliance office.