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Student Worker Manual

IDEAS Student Employee Manual

Do I transfer the question or create a ticket?

If you are working in LibChat and receive a question that is best handled by another operator, you have a few different options:

Chat transfers occur when you are passing the patron off to another chat operator that is currently online, either another H&I Assistant, Backup Supervisor, or an IDEAS or R&I librarian signed in to LibChat.

Ticket Referrals occur when you refer the patron to another department, supervisor, or subject specialist for follow-up at a later point in time. This could happen in a couple of ways.

  • For chat referrals, use the "create a ticket" option to have the system automatically convert the chat into a ticket, that can be assigned to a specific user or queue.
  • For SMS or Phone referrals, follow the instructions for manually creating a ticket with the patron's information and closing out the SMS chat (if applicable).

For questions that need to be referred to ITS, follow the instructions for creating a ticket, based on originating question type, and then follow the additional instructions for assigning that ticket to ITS. (Note that if the question originates as a LibAnswers ticket you can skip directly to the ITS referral instructions). This is also how you should assign tickets to other users outside of LibAnswers, like the law library, though ITS questions are generally most common.    

You may need to transfer a chat in the following circumstances:

1. The question is more suited to R&I or another department currently monitoring chat (this will generally only need to be done by library staff and Backup Supervisors).

2. The question is running over your scheduled shift and you need to transfer it to the next person on duty

In both of these cases, you can transfer a chat using the Transfer chat to another department/user button to the top right of the chat. 

Select the people icon to transfer the chat:

*Note: You will only be able to transfer a chat to another department/operator that is currently signed into LibChat. If none are available, please follow the steps for creating a ticket from a chat, on the next tab.

You may need to create a ticket from a chat in the following situations:

  1. You need to refer the patron's question to a subject specialist in R&I or IDEAS staff member who isn't currently logged on
  2. You need to refer the student's question to another department that doesn't monitor LibChat

In either of these cases, you can mark a chat for follow up by using the Create a Ticket from this chat link once the chat has ended:


Or, by clicking the create ticket icon at the top of the chat window:


You will be able to select a department or (optionally) a specific person. You can also add an internal note if you need to provide any clarifying information.

Patron chats that are marked as “Source SMS” are questions that have been texted to us at (617) 934-7876. The number is intended (ideally) for quick questions that can easily be answered within 160 characters. It’s fine if you occasionally need to send a couple of short responses back to answer a text question, but occasionally a patron will ask a question that’s too complicated to be answered via text, or that needs to be escalated up to a supervisor for an answer. These chats will need to be converted into tickets.

Unlike regular Chats, which can automatically be converted into tickets within the LibChat dashboard, you’ll have to create these tickets manually. (Note that the system does automatically create tickets in LibAnswers for SMS chats, but they’re limited by the same 160 character constraint. What we’re doing here is creating a full ticket.) You should follow these same steps when you need to create a ticket after a phone call. To do this, first navigate to LibAnswers. Under the Answers dropdown, select ‘Create.’

On the next screen you will be prompted to fill out as much information about the patron and question as you can, and assign the ticket to a queue. Most questions should be referred to the Access Services queue, although there may be some instances where an in-depth research question could be assigned directly to R&I.

Fill out as much information about the question as you have, or that you think will be useful for the person who will ultimately answer the question. Make sure you ask the patron for their email address at a minimum, and their name if possible.

Then select ‘Create Ticket.’

From the ticket page you’ll have the option of answering the ticket yourself, assigning the ticket to a specific user, or leaving the ticket unassigned in the general queue, depending on what the situation calls for.

Lastly, you’ll need to go back to the original SMS chat and close it.

From the LibChat dashboard where you have the SMS chat open, click on the View Ticket icon (the one that looks like an eye), to pop out the SMS ticket in a new window.

Within the SMS ticket you can answer the analytics questions and Submit as Closed.

We will occasionally questions about equipment checkouts that have been loaned by ITS, like laptops. The library does not control equipment, so these tickets will need to be transferred to ITS. To do this, open the ticket and click on the Assign/Transfer tab.

You can then submit the ticket as closed. Note that ITS sends automatic responses to any tickets they receive, so you should be on the lookout for a follow up email from them referencing an incident number, which you can also close.