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Student Worker Manual

IDEAS Student Employee Manual

Getting Started

When it is time for your shift, you'll log in at Students will use individual accounts with their own credentials, which means you will be identifiable by name once you are logged in. From the LibApps homepage, choose LibAnswers from the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner.



At the top of the LibAnswers screen, in the orange task bar, click on LibChat and select Connect

This will open the LibChat window in a new tab.

Once you are logged in, you can adjust your LibChat operator settings. From the local monitoring tab, under Departments, make sure that your name and Help & Information Desk are set to the Online position. Access Services should be the only queue that is set to "Notify." Make sure you have sound turned on so you are alerted when new chats arrive.


There should always be at least two people logged on to LibChat at any point in time, one H&I Assistant and one staff member or Backup Supervisor. When a new chat arrives, you will hear a pinging sound that will continue every five seconds until someone claims the chat. New chats will appear in the upper left hand corner of your screen.  

H&I Assistants should preview an incoming chat before claiming it. To do this, simply click on the blue link with the guest's name. This will pop out the content of the chat on the right hand side of your screen, but will not claim it. If it's a question you feel capable of answering, you can claim the chat, otherwise chats will be claimed by staff or a Backup Supervisor

To claim a chat, click on the Chat tab, then select the blue Claim chat button next to the new chat. You may now begin chatting with the patron.