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New to data research? Or maybe you need a little refresher? Read through the page on Searching for Data for some quick questions that will get you started.

Working with data requires statistical software, and Northeastern University provides a number of  applications that can be used for statistical analysis.

You may also be interested in the resources on the Social Science Statistics guide.

Looking for information about data curation or data management? The library offers data services for you.

Examples of how NOT to do data visualizations are presented at WTF Visualizations

Selected Interdisciplinary Data Sources

Data or Statistics?

The words data and statistics are often used interchangeably, but are not quite the same thing.  

Data can be thought of as the information collected during a study.  Data are the results of measuring variables.  Data can be qualitative (e.g. eye color) or quantitative (e.g. annual income).

Statistics are produced when data is looked at in aggregate form, analyzed, and organized.  

Hint:  If the information you're looking at is expressed as a chart, table, or graph, you're looking at statistical information. See the Social Science Statistics Guide for recommended sources of statistics.

Need help?

If you've gone through this guide and find that you need additional help, please contact us!

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Who is my librarian?

The Ask-A-Librarian page provides a variety of ways you can get in touch with us here at the library.

A number of tutorials on statistical software such as SPSS are listed under the Software and Virtualization Tools tab on this guide.