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Public Health: Database Research

A guide to finding online resorces for public health research

Selected Databases

Public health is an interdisciplinary field of study. It crosses many subject areas. Search several different databases for the most comprehensive search results. Choose databases from the categories below:

  • Medicine, Epidemiology, Environmental Health
  • Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
  • Health Policy
  • Business
  • Engineering

Think about telehealth, it might involve policies, technology or engineering, usability studies and of course health outcomes. Coverage on telehealth could be found in publications for each of these disciplines, therefore multiple databases may be needed.

Below are a few of the common databases for these subject areas. 

A few tips and strategies:

If you know of a specific journal that publishes on your topic, you can start there. Find the journal through Journal Finder on the library website.

Databases: Medicine, Health, Epidemiology, Environmental Health

Databases: Behavioral, Social Science

Databases: Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary

Education, Technology, Legal, Global,

Databases: Populations and Groups

Databases: Health Policy, Business, Administration

And so much more available