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Public Health: Find More Sources

A guide to finding online resources for public health research

You may want something other than articles published in journals or magazines. News sources, reports, videos, etc. may provide insights and information on your topic of interest. This page offers a few possibilities.


News sources covering health topics.


Available United States papers include Boston Globe, New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Archives and collections of smaller and special are also available through Northeastern Library subscriptions.

CDC Newsroom

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Grey Literature: Government Sources

PFAS-Tox Database

Looking for health and toxicology studies on PFAS chemicals?

Try the PFAS-Tox Database, a living systematic evidence map and database of studies.

The PFAS-Tox Database was developed by a multi-institutional group of researchers, funded and supported by several organizations, including Northeastern University's Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute.

Maps and visualizations of disease


Browzine: a journal management tool

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