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Public Health: Get started

A guide to finding online resources for public health research

On this guide

This guide is here to help you find resources related to public health topics. Given that public health can be interdisciplinary, the possibilities are extensive. I have done my best to bring the most common but I can not claim that it is fully comprehensive. If you aren't finding what you need, please reach out to me. I'd be happy to help find what you need.

The tabs on this guide provide more detail for specific areas, find a database covering your interest area in Database Research, or beyond databases look in Finding More Sources.

Other tabs describe the content available on that page.

If you are you just getting started in academic research and would like help getting started with searching for scholarly articles or citing, explore our library research tutorials. Learn how to pick a develop a research question, evaluate journals and articles, or perhaps you need help picking a citation manager.  There are videos, slides, documents and checklists. Even if it's not new to you, there might be more to learn.

Want to understand a little more about searching or how to evaluate what you find? check these resources out:

Health Summaries

Research Methods and Guidance

Need tools or guidance for research? This resource includes interviews, videos, books to learn about qualitative vs quantitative methods, research funding, Tools include project planners and how to decide which stats test to use.

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