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Archives and Special Collections: NU Collections -- O-Y

A guide to historical materials housed in the Northeastern University Libraries, Archives and Special Collections Department.

NU Collections -- O-Y

   Men's hockey players celebrate on the ice after Beanpot victory against Boston University, February 11, 1985. Photograph from the Northeastern University Photograph Collection.Homecoming Queen Linda Brown holds a bouquet of flowers, October 14, 1972. Photograph from the Northeastern University Photograph Collection.  Students sitting in Centennial Circle, 1995. Photograph from the Northeastern University Photograph Collection.On the day of his arrival, King Husky I, the first Northeastern University mascot, poses between his trainer, Leonhard Sepalla (L) and Ray Todd (R), a member of the NU Student Council, March 05, 1927. Photograph from the Northeastern University Photograph Collection.


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New England College of Pharmacy Records

  • The New England College of Pharmacy was founded in 1927 as the Meriano School of Pharmacy. In 1962, it became part of Northeastern and was called the College of Pharmacy; in 1992 it merged with Bouvé College of Health Sciences.

Irene A. Nichols Papers

  • Educator Irene Nichols was an Assistant Professor of Psychology in Education in the Foundations of Education program at Northeastern University from 1964 to 1969, Associate Professor of Psychology in Education from 1969 to 1986, and Associate Professor of Education from 1986 to 1999. In 1972, Nichols was elected the first woman chair of the Agenda Committee of the Faculty Senate at Northeastern.

Northeastern Records Phonograph Records and Compact Discs

  • Founded in 1979, Northeastern Records was a classical music label that focused on producing recordings by women and New England composers, and on utilizing musicians and singers from the Boston area. The ownership of Northeastern Records was transferred to its director, Lynn Joiner, in 1988.

Northeastern University Photograph Collection

  • Northeastern University Photograph collection documents the academic programs, athletics, alumni, events, physical plant, student life, and faculty and staff of the University from the early 1900s to the present day.

Northeastern University Press Records

  • Founded in 1977, the Northeastern University Press was Northeastern’s academic press. In 2004, the Northeastern University Press became a member of the University Press of New England.

A Note to You Recordings

  • "A Note to You" was a joint production of Northeastern University and WGBH Boston hosted by Roland Nadeau, founder of the NU Department of Music.


  • Established in 1974, Northeastern University Progress in Minorities in Engineering (NUPRIME), later renamed Northeastern University Programs in Multicultural Engineering, recruits and supports minority students in the College of Engineering.



Doris Shalit Oberg Papers

  • Doris Oberg (1912-1993) was a graduate of the Forsyth Dental Infirmary for Children and the wife of Rudolf Oberg, former director of the Alumni Affairs at Northeastern.

Doris Oberg Slide Collection

  • Doris Oberg (1912-1993), the wife of Rudolph O. M. Oberg, a former professor and director of the Northeastern University Office of Alumni Relations, attended University functions with her husband, and photographed Northeastern sporting events, the Boston campus, faculty, presidents, alumni events, and student activities from ca. 1945-1973. She was also a member of the Northeastern Faculty Wives.

Doris and Rudolf Oberg Papers [unprocessed]

  • Northeastern alumnus Rudolf O. M. Oberg taught engineering and later became director of the Office of Alumni Relations from 1943-1971. His wife, Doris Shalit Oberg, graduated from the Forsyth Dental Infirmary as a dental hygienist in 1933 and was an active alumna.

Rudolph O. M. Oberg Papers

  • Rudolph O.M. Oberg (ca. 1914-1973), Northeastern Class of 1926, was an engineering professor at Northeastern. In 1929, he became Alumni Secretary of the Day Colleges and was later appointed director of the Northeastern University Office of Alumni Relations from 1943-1971.

Office of Affirmative Action and Diversity Records

  • Created in 1975 as the Affirmative Action Office, the Northeastern University Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity enforces Northeastern’s commitment to equal opportunity, affirmative action, social justice, and diversity.

Office of Alumni Records, Research, and Gift Information Alumni Obituaries

  • From 1992 to present, the Office of Alumni Records, Research, and Gift Information, now called the Office of Development Information Systems, collects alumni information and solicits gifts and pledges for the University.

Office of Alumni Relations Records

  • Established in 1927, the Northeastern University Office of Alumni Relations provides networking and outreach programs for alumni. It also coordinates alumni events, activities, and education programs.

Office of Communications Records

  • The Office of Public Information, later renamed the Office of Communications, was established in 1959. Its mission was to promote and support the University's “position as leader in higher education by marketing its programs and educational philosophy and by publicizing its accomplishments and resources to a wide array of internal and external audiences.”

Office of Community Affairs Records

  • The Northeastern University Office of Community Affairs (OCA) was established as a result of the reorganization of the Office of Community Development in 1982. The OCA is a liaison to Northeastern’s neighborhood constituencies, community organizations, and city, state, and federal agencies. In addition, the OCA provides educational and civic service programs to community organizations and neighborhoods. In 1991, the OCA was renamed the Office of Government Relations and Community Affairs.

Office of Conference and Event Planning Records

  • Established in the mid-1970s, the Northeastern University Office of Conference and Event Planning organizes major events for the University and the Office of the President. It also assists faculty, staff, and students in planning events.

Office of Educational Opportunity Programs and Service Learning Records

  • Established in 1993-1994 academic year, the Northeastern University Office of Educational Opportunity Programs and Service-Learning (OEOP/SL) coordinates University-wide community service-learning initiatives; serves as a clearinghouse for internal and external community service-learning resources and information; develops initiatives in community service-learning; and assists students, faculty, and staff in developing and implementing community service-learning initiatives. OEOP/SL was discontinued in 2001.

Office of Institutional Advancement Records

  • Created in 2001, the Office of Institutional Advancement, now called the Office of University Advancement, oversees the staff, budget, and operations of all alumni, corporate, and development activities.

Office of Institutional Research Records

  • Founded between 1959-1961, the Office of Institutional Research, later renamed the Office of Institutional Research and Data Administration, collects data for and about Northeastern University.

Office of International Affairs Records

  • The Northeastern University Office of International Affairs (1982-1988) recruited internationally, coordinated international visitors, set Northeastern policy on matters relating to international affairs, and addressed the cultural, legal, and academic needs of foreign students.

Office of Physical Planning and Design Records

  • Established in 1959, the Northeastern University Office of Physical Planning and Design, now called the Office of Space Planning and Design, oversees the design and expansion of Northeastern’s physical campus and buildings, and space planning for educational programs.

Office of Public Relations Scrapbooks

  • Compiled by Northeastern University's Office of Public Relations, the scrapbooks consist of newspaper clippings, mostly from Boston and regional newspapers, concerning or involving Northeastern University and its faculty, staff, students, or alumni from 1958-1978.

Office of the Business Manager Records

  • Created in 1950 as the Office of Financial Officer, the Northeastern University Office of the Business Manager oversees the Conference Center Operations, Dining Services, Leased Properties Management, Mail Services, Parking Operations, Printing Services (NU Reprographics), and University Bookstore.

Office of the Executive Vice President Records

  • Established in 1966, the Northeastern University Office of Executive Vice President managed the day-to-day administration of the University, particularly Northeastern's role in Phase II of Judge Garrity's order to desegregate the Boston Public Schools. In 1989, the position was discontinued.

Office of the President (Curry) Records

  • Educator and administrator John A. Curry (b. 1934) was the fifth president of Northeastern University from 1989 to 1996.

Office of the President (Ell) Records

  • Educator and administrator Carl Stephens Ell (1887-1981) was the second president of Northeastern University from 1940 to 1959.

Office of the President (Knowles) Records

  • Educator and administrator Asa Smallidge Knowles (1909-1990) was the third president of Northeastern University from 1959 to 1975.

Office of the President (Ryder) Records

  • Educator and administrator Kenneth Gilmore Ryder (b. 1924) was the fourth president of Northeastern University from 1975 to 1989.

Office of the President (Speare) Records

  • Frank Palmer Speare (1870-1954) (FPS) was the Educational Director of the Evening Institute of the Boston YMCA from 1896 until the Institute was incorporated and renamed Northeastern College in 1916. FPS was the College's first president and served from 1917 to 1940.

Office of the Provost Records

  • Created in 1958, the Northeastern University Office of the Provost provides leadership for all curricular, instructional and faculty development matters, and governs the budgeting, administering, evaluating, and planning of the academic aspects of university life.

Office of the Registrar Records

  • Prior to 1960, Northeastern University was divided into separate schools, each with its own Office of the Registrar. These individual offices began merging in 1963. By 1978 all sections of Northeastern University were under the direction of the combined Office of the Registrar which oversees and coordinates student registration, scheduling classes, and maintains and updates all academic records.

Office of Technology Innovation and Commercialization Records

  • Created in 1991, the Northeastern University Office of Technology Innovation and Commercialization is a mediator between Northeastern faculty and researchers; the commercial market; and the national and international copyright and patent legal requirements necessary to ensure successful patenting of new inventions. The Division is involved with research sponsorship; the capturing, protection, and licensing of new intellectual property; and the generation of income from intellectual property to increase research funding for the University. In 2010, the Division was renamed the Office of Technology Innovation and Commercialization.

Office of University Administration Records

  • Created in 1960, the Northeastern University Office of University Administration managed academic and administrative support services, including research, admissions, the registrar, and libraries. In 1991, University Administration was dissolved, and its responsibilities were divided between the president and provost.

Office of University Advancement Records [unprocessed]

  • The Office of University Advancement was created in 2001 to combine the Office of University Development and the Office of Alumni Relations to better utilize the planning and resources of both offices for fundraising activities and campaigns.

Office of University Development Records

  • Created in 1959, the Northeastern University Office of University Development was established to increase the University’s financial resources through fund-raising activities and campaigns, including the Diamond Anniversary Development Program, the Century Fund, the Centennial Campaign, and the Leadership Campaign. In 2001, the Office of University Development and the Office of Alumni Relations unified to create Office of Institutional Advancement.

Office of University Photography Slide Shows

  • The nine slide shows and accompanying audio cassettes were developed for the Office of Admissions, Alumni Relations, Northeastern Corporation meetings, Founders Day, and National Council meetings by the Northeastern University Office of University Photography from 1982-1988.

Office of University Photography Contact Sheets and Negatives

  • The Northeastern University Office of University Photography photographs university events, the physical plant, selected academic and research activities, selected faculty and staff, and student life. Images in this collection date from 1961-2002.

The Oral History Center Records

  • Initiated in 1982 as the Cambridge Women's Quilt Project, The Oral History Center collected the stories of groups often overlooked by history, including women, children, immigrants, and minorities, in the Cambridge and Boston area. In 1995, the Center merged with Northeastern University where it until it ceased operations in 1998.



Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society Records

  • Northeastern University was granted a charter for the national honor society Phi Kappa Phi in 1963. The Northeastern chapter was established to recognize scholarship in all areas of academic endeavor.



Harold R. Raemer Papers

  • Educator Harold R. Raemer (1924-2007) was a professor of electrical engineering at Northeastern University. He was chair of the Electrical Engineering Department from 1966–1977, and he served as acting chair from 1982–1984. He became technical director for RF Phenomena and Systems in Northeastern University's Center for Electromagnetics Research in 1985. He wrote two books: Radar Systems Principles in 1969 and Statistical Communication Theory and Applications in 1997.

Eugene M. Reppucci, Jr. Papers

  • Eugene Reppucci received a Bachelor of Science degree from Northeastern University in 1960 and a Master of Education degree in 1965. Reppucci was also awarded an honorary degree in 1995. Reppucci was appointed the Assistant Director of Development at Northeastern in 1962 and remained in that department until 1995 when he retired as Senior Vice President of Development.

Reserve Officers' Training Corps Records

  • The Northeastern University Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) division was formed in January 1951 with two units, the Corps of Engineers and the Signal Corps. The ROTC trains young men and women to become officers in the United States Army by providing both academic instruction and physical training.

Rho Chi Honor Society Records [unprocessed]

  • The Rho Chi Honor Society was founded in 1917 with the goal of encouraging and recognizing excellence in intellectual achievement in pharmacy as well as advocating critical inquiry in the field.

Dwight P. Robinson Family Papers

  • Dwight Parker Robinson (b. 1868) was the president of the Dwight P. Robinson and Company, which later merged with other companies to become United Engineers and Constructors, Inc. His son Dwight Parker Robinson, Jr. (DPRJ) (1900-1989), a long time benefactor of Northeastern University, was a member of the Corporation from 1952-1988, a member of the Board of Trustees from 1954-1978, and served as vice chairman of the Corporation and Board of Trustees from 1965-1971. In 1966, DPRJ’s donations led to the construction of the Mary Gass Robinson building, dedicated and named for his wife.

Vivian Rosenberg Oral History

  • Vivian Rosenberg (b. ca. 1927), Northeastern Class of 1949, worked at the Northeastern University Library in the YMCA when she was a student. She worked as a substitute teacher in the Boston Public School system and later accepted a library position offered to her by Myra White, the Northeastern University librarian. She began working at the Northeastern Library in February 1952, where she received numerous commendations until her retirement in December 1991.

Phyllis M. Ryan Papers

  • Social justice and political activist Phyllis M. Ryan (1927-1998) supported school desegregation, prison reform, welfare reform, the establishment of disability rights, and civil rights organizations, such as the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE).

Mortn Rubin Papers [unprocessed]

  • Morton Rubin was a sociology professor at Northeastern from 1957 to 1985, he was one of the first professional sociologists the University hired.



School of Commerce and Finance Records

  • Established in 1907 as an Evening Institute of the Boston YCMA, the Northeastern University School of Commerce and Finance (SCF) offered classes in business and finance. In 1928 the SCF was renamed the School of Business, and in 1960 the evening School of Business was dissolved. University College assumed responsibility for evening business classes, in cooperation with the College of Business Administration.

School of Education Records

  • Established in 1953 as the College of Education, the Northeastern University School of Education offers graduate and undergraduate degree courses in education.

School of Law Course Materials

  • The School of Law Course Materials is a collection of examinations and teaching supplements used by Northeastern University instructors to teach law classes from 1929-1951.

School of Law Records

  • Founded in 1898 as a series of evening courses through the Boston Young Men’s Christian Association, the Northeastern University School of Law specializes in public interest law offers graduate degrees in law. t

School of Law Records

  • Founded in 1898 as a series of evening courses through the Boston Young Men’s Christian Association, the Northeastern University School of Law specializes in public interest law offers graduate degrees in law.

School of Law Student Council Records

  • Begun in 1947, the School of Law (Evening Division) Student Council sponsored student activities, assisted in resolving student problems, and interacted with the University administration on behalf of law students until it ceased meeting in 1953 when the School of Law closed. The School of Law reopened in May 13, 1966.

School of Nursing Records

  • Established in 1997 through a merger of the College of Nursing and the Bouvé College of Health Sciences, the Northeastern University School of Nursing offers graduate and undergraduate courses in the field of nursing.

75th Anniversary Committee Records

  • Established ca. 1973, the Northeastern University 75th Anniversary Committee oversaw planning for the 75th anniversary of the University’s founding on October 3, 1973. The convocation and opening ceremonies included an address by Senator Edward W. Brooke, a luncheon, and the presentation of faculty, administration, and alumni awards. Other events included the "Employer Institute and Manpower Symposium" on November 8, 1973 and the conclusion of the Diamond Anniversary Development Program, a plan to raise $65 million to develop Northeastern’s physical plant.

Sigma Epsilon Rho Honor Society Records

  • Established in 1927, the Sigma Epsilon Rho Honor Society encourages academic success, promotes the advancement of its members, and supports high moral, professional, and scholastic ideals in graduate and undergraduate students.

Bernard "Bunny" Solomon Papers

  • Businessman and Northeastern trustee Bernard Solomon (1923-2006), Northeastern Class of 1946, was appointed State Purchasing Agent under Massachusetts Governor Foster Furcolo in 1957, was vice president of the Stop & Shop Companies, and was vice chairman of Patriot Bank, later Bank of New England.

Frank Palmer Speare Papers

  • Educator Frank P. Speare (1870-1954) was the first president of Northeastern University from 1917-1940. He was also President of the Board of Trustees and principal stock-holder of the Chandler Secretarial School in Boston, a private professional training school for women established in 1883.

Sports Information Office Scrapbooks

  • The Sports Information Office scrapbooks consists of newspaper clippings from Boston and regional newspapers, documenting the activities of the Northeastern University Department of Athletics from 1959-1973.

Staff Council Records

  • Established in 1972 as the Staff Cabinet, the Northeastern University Staff Council promotes harmonious working relationships among the administration, faculty, and staff; exchanges information between staff and the university administration; organizes social activities and foster friendly extracurricular contact among employees; allows staff to participate in formulating and changing policies affecting staff; and provides a medium for staff to submit recommendations for changes in conditions affecting staff.

Student Activities Office Records

  • Established in 1921 as the Department of Student Activities, the Northeastern University Student Activities Office oversees student clubs and organizations.

Student Government Association Records

  • Created in 1921 as the Student Council, the Northeastern University Student Government Association acts as the voice of the student body and interacts with the University’s administration.

Studies in American Fiction Records [unprocessed]

  • Studies in American Fiction was a journal founded in 1972 by Professor James E. Nagel from the Northeastern's English Department. The journal was published biannually until 2008, when it was transferred to John Hopkins University Press.

Helen M. Sullivan Papers [unprocessed]

  • Helen M. Sullivan received a Bachelor's Degree in Law from Northeastern in 1938 and a Master's Degree in Law in 1953. Sullivan worked as an assistant assessor in the Boston Assessor's Office In 1975, Sullivan received the School of Law Distinguished Alumna Award.



Third World Views of the Holocaust Records

  • Northeastern University political science professor William F. S. Miles organized a symposium, Third World Views of the Holocaust, from April 8-22, 2001, to discuss how the Holocaust has been integrated into the cultures and societies of third world nations.

Judith Tick Papers [unprocessed]

  • Judith Tick is the Matthews Distinguished University Professor of Music at Northeastern University. Tick is an authority on American music and the history of women in music. She has written numerous books on both subjects and has won many awards for her scholarship.

Twenty-Five Year Associates Records

  • The Twenty-Five Year Associates was established when Northeastern University President Carl S. Ell invited 46 members of the faculty and staff (active and retired) who had worked together at Northeastern for 25 years or longer to lunch with him at Longwood Towers on May 3, 1955. The group was founded "to maintain the close friendly relationships which have contributed to the welfare of the University and the happiness of the Northeastern family over the years."



United States Bicentennial Committee Records

  • Founded in 1974, the Northeastern University United States Bicentennial Committee implemented and oversaw events and exhibits in celebration of the nation’s 200th birthday. The Committee organized an art exhibit, an exhibit showcasing Boston Red Sox memorabilia, a series of movie presentations, and several lecture presentations from distinguished scholars, such as Theodore Becker and Walter Muir Whitehill.

University College Records

  • Founded in 1960, Northeastern's University College was established to provide educational programs to adult students with previous work experience, part-time students working toward an undergraduate degree, and full-time students who had varied scheduling requirements. In 2004, University College was renamed School of Professional Continued Studies, and in 2008 was renamed the College of Professional Studies.

University Honors Program Records

  • The University Honors Program was established in 1986 to attract and retain the brightest students to Northeastern University. Honors students take several honors courses and have access to cultural events, conferences, internships, and networking events.

University Libraries Records

  • Begun in 1953, the Northeastern University Libraries foster intellectual and professional growth, enrich the research, teaching, and learning environment, and promote the effective use of knowledge by managing and delivering information resources and services to library users.

Urban Schools Collaborative Records

  • Founded in 1976 as Northeastern’s Office of Phase II Desegregation, the Urban Schools Collaborative (URSCO) was established to provide equal educational opportunities to Boston Public School children from District 7 and the Madison Park School. The URSC developed curricula for music, mathematics, and bilingual education; established programs for parents and teachers; and created a special education diagnostic center. Since July 1992, URSCO has been part of Northeastern’s College of Arts and Sciences.



Veteran's Memorial Committee Records [unprocessed]

  • The Veteran's Memorial Committee was established to create a Veteran's Memorial to commemorate students and alumni who died while in military service.



Albert Hale Waite Papers

  • Bank executive Albert Hale Waite (1901-1984), Northeastern School of Law Class of 1933, was Vice President and Trust Officer of the New England Merchants Bank of Boston.

Warren Conference Center Records

  • Established in 1957, the Northeastern University Warren Conference Center is a meeting venue for University off-site conferences, retreats and events. In the 1999, the Warren Center Inn opened.

Joseph D. Warren Papers

  • African American educator and community activist Joseph D. Warren (1938-2010) was an Associate Professor of Northeastern University's Department of African American Studies, served as a political aide and advisor during Michael S. Dukakis's second and third terms as Massachusetts governor, and established the Balfour Academy, a program providing education opportunities for a successful college career to Boston inner-city youth.

Western Civilization Course Notes

  • Beginning in the 1972–1973 academic year, Northeastern's History Department offered a two–semester course in Western Civilization that surveyed the major ideas and institutions of Western Civilization from ancient times to the present. The Western Civilization course continued to be offered through the 1988–1989 academic year.

David L. Wilmarth Papers

  • David L. Wilmarth (1924-1996), Northeastern Class of 1949, was an Associate Professor in Earth Sciences at Northeastern from 1960-1986.

WRBB–FM. (Radio station: Boston, Mass.) Records

  • Established in 1962 as WNEU, WRBB–FM is Northeastern University's student radio station. The station broadcasts music, coverage of Northeastern sporting events, public service announcements, and shows.



Young Men's Christian Association of Greater Boston Records

  • Established in 1942, the Young Men's Christian Association, West Roxbury/Roslindale Branch was founded to solve the growing problem of juvenile delinquency in the neighborhood by providing youth with educational programs and activities. The West Roxbury/Roslindale Branch also offers programs for adults.

Wilfred A. Young Papers

  • Wilfred A. Young (1901-1992), Class of 1923, was a Sales Engineer for Bernard M. Packard Company.