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Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences : NEW, videos, and other

A resource for online and print content in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences for students, faculty and staff.

Streaming Video

-available streaming video titles in the Kanopy database. New titles are added based on suggestions or hot topics.

Check out the library's streaming video collections:

View a complete list of streaming audio and video collections available through the University Library's subscriptions. TIP: The quickest and best way to locate DVDs and streaming video at Northeastern is to use Scholar OneSearch, limiting your search to "Library Catalogs" and using the limit on the left to "Video and Audio" under Material Type.  Search by keyword, title, or actor.

Pink Sheet


Professional organization's publications

Research Tools


SimplyAnalytics (formerly SimplyMap)

map of Boston

Boston, as seen in OpenStreetMap.

Do you need to analyze an area's demographics in order to assess where pharmacy services are needed?  Here is a resource that requires no technical knowledge of GIS software but allows you to create thematic maps and reports.