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Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences : Drugs/Medications

A resource for online and print content in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences for students, faculty and staff.

This page is dedicated to resources that contain drug monographs or are specifically considered drug databases. Many of these are on the Getting Started page but I wanted to keep them grouped on their own page as well.

Drug Database-LexiComp

Our license to Lexicomp includes the below resources and more. The list of databases included can be found with this direct link.

  • AHFS Essentials (Adult and Pediatric)
  • AHFS DI (Adult and Pediatric)
  • Briggs Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation

Drug Database-Micromedex

(current NU only)

Micromedex searches multiple drug information databases and is a rich source of full-text tertiary literature.

Included in our institutional subscription is onsite and remote access to the following resources:

• Drugs (DRUGDEX®, DrugNotes, RED BOOK™ Online)

• Drug interactions (DRUG-REAX®)

• Drug identification (IDENTIDEX®)

• Diseases (DISEASEDEX™)

• Toxicology (POISINDEX®)

• Laboratory tests (Lab Advisor®)

• Alternative medicines (AltMedDex®)

• IV compatibility (IV INDEX®)

• Patient education (CareNotes®, Detailed Drug Information for the Consumer)

as well as access to medical calculators and more Micromedex solutions.


NOTE: Use is prohibited at clinical sites.


Databases containing drug monographs

Licensed for used by Northeastern University affiliates.

Complementary and Alternatives

On the Web

These drug resources are made available to anyone with internet access. Always check resources About and sources to see where they get the content being provided. Is it a reputable with reviewers and transparent sources?