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Chemistry: What is the h-index?

A guide to online and print resources in chemistry.

The h-index

What is the h-index?

H-index stands for Hirsch index.  It is a measure of an individual's scientific research output. 

It was originally proposed by J.E. Hirsch.

If your h-index is 5, it means that you have 5 articles that have been cited at least 5 times.

However, one should also cite the source from which the h-index was derived, as in: "My h-index is 12, calculated on June 27, 2015, using Web of Science data from 1975-2015."

Hirsch believed the h-index was a better measure than one's "average citation rate."  Hirsch used Web of Science as the tool for his calculations.

See: Hirsch, J. E. (2005). An Index to Quantify an Individual's Scientific Research Output. Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America, 102(46), 16569-16572.

How to calculate the h-index