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Chemistry: Faculty in News@Northeastern

A guide to online and print resources in chemistry.

Faculty research in the News@Northeastern

Jones and Ranasinghe receive rave reviews (October 21, 2014) Professors Graham B. Jones and Dr. Naheesha Ranasinghe


Gilbert quoted in Chemistry and Engineering News (October 21, 2014) Profess Thomas Gilbert


Researcher studies protein's role in aging (July 23, 2013) Professor Sunny Zhou


Life science research partnership targets new breakthroughs (January 25, 2013) Professor Barry Karger, Director of the Barnett Institute


From protein signaling to cancer drug development (January 7, 2013) Professor Carla Mattos


A new age for drug development (June 29, 2012) Professor John Engen and Graham Jones, Professor and chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology


Cancer-​​detection nets entrepreneurial award (June 6, 2012) Professor Ban-An Khaw


3Qs: Green chemistry (April 23, 2012) Professor and Department Chair Graham Jones


Neutralizing HIV function (November 2, 2011) Professor John R. Engen


A global push to unlock the genome (October 4, 2011) Professor William Hancock, Bradstreet Chair in Bioanalytical Chemistry, Barnett Institute


Calling attention to neglected diseases (March 24, 2011) Professor Michael Pollastri


Northeastern researchers gain a voice in federal drug policy (November 5, 2010) Professor and Department Chair Graham Jones

Solving the mystery of DNA repair (July 15, 2009) Professor Penny Beuning

Researcher receives prestigious American Chemical Society award (March 11, 2009) Professor John R. Engen

Northeastern University Partners with MGH for Innovative Breast Cancer Research (June 30, 2008) the Barnett Institute

Northeastern University Receives Funding from the National Cancer Institute to Study the Glycobiology of Cancer (September 4, 2007) Professor William Hancock

Young chemist receives prestigious national award (May 29, 2009) Professor Penny Beuning


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