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Massachusetts State, Local, and Regional Information: Legislative District Mapping and Census

Legislative District Data

The instructions provided in the document below will help you find detailed Census data for your legislative district.

To build your profile, begin at the American FactFInder advanced search page.  One of the datasets you'll use is the American Community Survey; the ACS  provides ongoing statistical sampling of the U.S. population between the Decennial Censuses.  ACS is an excellent resource for updated local data.

Creating District Profiles

In addition to using the Census and GIS tools described on this page, consider the following:

  • Contact the legislator's office staff to request information. Alternatively, many legislators have web pages with links to issues/events of interest to district residents.
  • Contact public libraries within the District, particularly those in larger communities.
  • Consult newspapers from communities/regions within your District (see the Key Resources box on the Home tab, this guide).
  • If you don't have an opportunity to visit the district, try some map options (Mass GIS Oliver on this page, Google Earth, Google Maps or comparable mapping site)
  • Locate city/town web pages for major communities within the District. Find local officials, committees, and boards.
  • Check the Massachusetts Municipal Association list of City and Town Web Sites.
  • Check pages for the Commonwealth's Congressional Districts. These pages often provide information that may be of use. 

Mass GIS Oliver

Oliver is a mapping tool provided by MASS GIS for displaying data at a variety of geographic levels, including legislative districts.

Test drive Oliver!

This PowerPoint presentation shows some of the specialized district maps that may be created using the Oliver mapping tool.

Other Massachusetts Maps

Other Regional Resources