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AFAM 2600: Race, Science and Technology (Angel Nieves)

Strategies and Sources

Strategies and Sources


Use a wildcard * for word variations. 


slave* will retrieve slave, slaves, slavery, slaveholder, etc...

Quotation marks force words together into a phrase:

Great migration might retrieve articles about great grandparents and migration, or the great war and migration.

"Great migration" in quotation marks would refer to the specific phenomenon of Black Americans moving from south to north during and after World War 1.

Use advanced search to structure your topic

Consider the different dimensions of your topic: who, what, where?

Example: What role did African American women play in the great migration in Boston?

Who: african american women, Black women

What: great migration, northward migration, Black migration

Where: Boston, Greater Boston, Beacon Hill, Roxbury, North End

See a tutorial for more examples of this strategy.

Use the "peer reviewed" filter when you want scholarly peer-reviewed articles
Peer reviewed filter in Scholar OneSearch
Consider outdated vocabulary when searching for historical documents of the past:

african american OR black OR negro etc...


Where to search

Where to search:

Scholar OneSearch

Use for: Northeastern library books, articles and journal subscriptions, newspaper subscriptions at Northeastern, films and audio files, and descriptions of Northeastern archival collections.


Use for: journal articles from social sciences and humanities journals.  Most are peer reviewed.

Ethnic Newswatch

Use for: ethnic newspapers from all over the United States.  More of a "primary source" than city newspapers of record, since they reflect the perspective of their communities. 


Use for: finding document, archival, and manuscript collections in North America