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LPSC 7311: Strategizing Public Policy

News Sources

The boxes below identify tools for finding national, regional, state, and local news articles, newswires, and blogs.  For additional newspaper resources, check our News & Newspapers page.

National News

Which news source is best for my project?

Newspaper Strengths Shortcomings
Access World News Covers small, mid-sized, and major U.S. papers; also includes newswires and blogs. Dates vary; some titles are provided from the late 1970's to present.  Some major papers are not included (Boston Globe, Washington Post, etc.) Older issues are text only, but increasing numbers of page images are now available.
Boston Globe, Current and Historical Major Massachusetts and New England regional newspaper, includes national news. This news source has two files: historical coverage, 1872-1988 and current from 1980 onwards. The historical files (1872 to 1989) are PDFs and retain the look of the original publication. Current issues are text only.
New York Times, Current and Historical Major U.S. newspaper with strong international coverage; historical coverage, 1851-2017, provides PDFs. The historical files (1851-2015) are PDFs and retain the look of the original publication. Current issues are text only. Page images are available through 1988.
Wall Street Journal Major U.S. newspaper with strength in economic/financial areas. Retains look of the original publication. Covers last year only; use Factiva or ProQuest Central for historical coverage. These sources are text-only.
Washington Post Major U.S. newspaper with strong policy coverage. The historical files (1877 to 2004) are PDFs and retain the look of the original publication.  The current files are text only.


Massachusetts News

These resources focus on Massachusetts news.  For assistance finding news sources from other states, please check the boxes below or contact me.  

State News - Beyond Massachusetts

News from Boston and Greater Boston