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Remote Teaching and Learning Resources: Teaching Support for Faculty

Teaching Support for Faculty

Throughout the current public health emergency, we are continuing to work with Northeastern instructors to support courses and research for undergraduate and graduate students. You can learn more about what and how we teach here

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Canvas Support

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The library's resource tutorials are now available for download as modules into your Canvas courses. These modules consist of videos, PDFs, and walkthroughs that will help students get started with a research project, as well as find, evaluate, and cite sources.

To browse the modules, log into Canvas and click on Commons. Search for library research tutorials and use the filtering option to select Shared with Northeastern University. Once you have identified module(s) of interest, use the Import/Download button to import them into any of your Canvas courses.

Webinars and Online Workshops

Library staff regularly hold webinars and online workshops on a number of topics, for both faculty and students.

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