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SOCL 2321: Research Methods

Research tools for sociology topics

What are the Major Sociology Journals?

Recommended Databases to Search for Articles

NOTE: If you are researching a specific subject, such as education or educational policy, you may want to check the research guide for specialized tools. The Education guide has an article search box for a cluster of related databases.

Here's a sample SUBJECT search:

Find Articles within Journals

1. Use keywords and limit the search to the article title.

2. AND put in journal titles. Here's a sample search from Sociological Abstracts.



To check for articles on a topic, try an Advanced Search:


What does a Peer-Reviewed Article Look Like?

Locate the full text for:

Kerrissey, Jasmine. 2015 "Collective Labor Rights and Income Inequality." American Sociological Review  80(3)3:626-653. DOI: 10.1177/0003122415583649.

This is an example of research article format.

Another approach to locate full text at NU--Use the Google Scholar @ NU search for "collective labor rights" Kerrissey

Tip: Check  Research Tutorials.