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ARTH 2212: Survey of the Still and Moving Image

Getting Started

You can search within databases for scholarly journal articles on topics related to photography, films, and more. Scholarly journal articles are usually written by experts in a field or discipline to share well researched, authoritative information and interpretation on a particular, often very specific, topic. The articles often undergo peer review, a process where they are evaluated by other scholars in the field before these articles can be published. The articles are assessed for their originality, the strength of their contributions to scholarly conversations, and for the thoroughness of the author’s research. You may also find magazine articles in databases; these articles may be written by a scholar, practitioner, journalist, etc. Note that for all information formats, you should be a critical reader and evaluate for author bias, as well as your own bias as a reader.

Key Databases

Journals and Magazines

Want to browse journals by subject area? Review this tutorial for suggestions on how to browse journals in the following resources:

Want to learn more about a particular journal or magazine, such as how often it is published, when it started, and if it is peer-reviewed? Search Ulrichs web by the journal or magazine title for a publication's profile:


Watch the below videos for a more in-depth overview of the difference between scholarly and non-scholarly sources and how to find peer-reviewed articles. There are also slide versions of the videos available as a PDF below.