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ANTH 4580: Medical Anthropology

Medical anthropology is a sub-field of anthropology which uses the four-field approach to examine cultural concepts and experiences of health, illness, treatment, and power cross-culturally.

Getting Started

Medical Anthropology tackles all sides of questions of health, medicine, and science. We are living in the middle of a pandemic, and, through anthropological methods and theories, are uniquely positioned to understand biological and cultural understandings of the disease and its transmission, the politics and struggles of public health policy, the social, psychological, economic, ecological and other impacts, and the structural inequities being exposed and exploited. Throughout the semester, we will focus (via small groups working together) on different aspects of the pandemic, utilizing library research, media analysis, and qualitative ethnographic fieldwork, both online and on campus, to create a more comprehensive portrait of the visible and invisible forces surrounding the pandemic. 

Authoritative sources to check for pandemic information

Center for Disease Control (CDC)  -- for the Intro Project on Education
        Start at the CDC page --> Learn more about COVID-19 ---> Community, Work & School
CDC COVID-19 dropdown menu


National Institute of Health (NIH) including NIH Director Blog Posts

Northeastern University-specific Resources:

Check Northeastern University webpage for updates along with
Reopening Northeastern: A Guide for Safe Return for Northeastern University's Campuses

NU News--: 
When Your Roommate Tests Positive: Life in Northeastern's Quarantine Housing

What is NUFlex?


 COVID-19 and Education

Chronicle  of Higher Education Online  -- essential source of professional educators for news, opinion, and insights into the trends
influencing higher education, including (click on image below for article)

headline--student-blaming for spread of COLVIE-19 question and image of large student gather on a college campus

Chronicle Live Coronavirus Updates-the latest news


What about podcasts?
Hidden Brain had an interesting story about identity and COVID-19


Race and Structural Violence

Children Can Get Severe COVID-19, CDC Says — Especially Black And Hispanic Children  is one of the stories in NPR's Coronavirus Crisis Serices 

Saving Henry's Last Leg is on ProPublica--it is about racial health care disparities, such as Black Diabetics Lose Limbs at Triple the Rate of Others. Here’s How Health Care Leaders Are Starting to Act.


Disaster Information Management Center contains: 
Disaster Lit: Database for Disaster Medicine and Public Health from the National Library of Medicine (NLM), a  database of links to disaster medicine and public health documents available on the Internet at no cost.