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Sociology : SOC 4600 Senior Capstone

A guide to online and print resources in sociology.

Getting Started

Looking for basic information on your research topic?

Specialized research tools to find issues and opinions include:

  •   CQ Researcher full text reports cover major issues with an overview article, pros and cons, chronology (timeline of the issue), along with a bibliography. NOTE: Browse through topics-- there are a manageable number of titles.

 Or a bibliography

  • Oxford Bibliographies (NU Only), an authoritative research guide with articles and annotated bibliographies on the major themes and topics within in a subject. The subject collections include sociology, as well as criminology, Islamic studies, Atlantic history, cinema and media studies and Victorian literature.

Or subject guide

  • death penalty, or capital punishment statistics may be found on the
    Criminal Justice
    guide under the Data and Statistics tab.

Searching ProQuest Databases

Check literature review at the UNC Writing Center and the Social Work Literature Guidelines at the OWL at Purdue. 

Use the ProQuest Social Sciences Premium Collection as it includes Sociological Abstracts, Social Services Abstracts, ProQuest Criminal Justice, Proquest Education Journals, etc.

Here's a sample search below:

Urban Public Schools is the search topic, but if you want to winnow the 26,000+ results to get more relevant articles:

  • Click on Related Searches option for more focus--for example, Urban Public Schools AND Academic Achievement
  • Use the Search Within box to add terms to refine the search
  • Read the Citation/Abstract of a promising result as it summarizes the article and describes the research method

For research methodology and bibliographies, check for recently published dissertations on your topic in 

 ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Comprehensive (PDTC)


 "Sociology, commonly defined as the scientific study of social relations, social institutions, and societies, is characterized by a great diversity of ways of conceiving its objectives, uses, styles, and methods." (IEBSS, 2001)     Don't forget to check out the database list to supplement your research!

Google Scholar @ NU

Sociology Librarian

Contact Info
270 Snell Library, 617.373.3316
Send Email  with SUBJ: SOC 4600 question

Academic Honesty and Plagiarism

Northeastern University is committed to the principles of intellectual honesty and integrity and to respecting intellectual property.  See detailed guidelines for Academic Integrity Policy as set by Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR).

Also check out the subject guide on Plagiarism and How to Avoid It

Searching Academic Search Premier

Start with the keyword search vaccination refusals--if you want to focus on the United States, add that to the second box and change the Select a Field (optional) to SU Subject Terms.

The Subjects: vaccine refusal and maybe vaccination--public opinions will help focus the search in this, and other databases.

NOTE: Click on Check for full text to initiate Scholar OneSearch; it will automatically look for the journal article. 

Using Scholar OneSearch


Searchs like Google as it looks through the library catalog and article databases. "capital punishment" is searched as a phrase and race AND attitudes are added to the search

Check Subject Guides for additional resources, such as Criminal Justice or Legal Research or Social Science Statistics.

Global Information Systems (GIS)

Visit the GIS subject guide for more information and contacts!