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Sociology : HONR 1209: Struggles for Social Justice in Latin America

A guide to online and print resources in sociology.

Getting Started

Have some keywords to describe your research topic? Use them in the library catalog, Scholar OneSearch to locate materials.

Get basic information using one of the online  Dictionaries & Encyclopedias, such as  

International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest

International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences (check out the results for protests, uprisings!)

Oxford English Dictionary
Authoritative source to help you define your terms!

Preparing the Presentation

Interested in PowerPoint, video, audio presentation, but need help with the software?

NU InfoServices offers software training, check the TRAINING tab to sign up for hands-on or online classes.

The  DMC Studio also provides training and help with media, such as audio, video projects. Please contact them as early as possible in order to schedule a consultation and work session(s).

Multimedia Collections

Use Scholar OneSearch, our catalog and discovery system, to locate audio and video/DVD items at Snell Library.

 red music note Music and Video Online links to multimedia sources, such as Smithsonian Global Sound (music from around the world and different cultures), NAXOS Music Library and streaming video on demand from FMG.

Other resources for streaming video include:
Media That Matters Film Festival

NJVID, New Jersey State of the Art Video Access is a  statewide video portal & repository that provides a common online platform for presentation, storage and archiving of digital works provides documentaries, ranging from "Super Size Me" to PBS program

Internet Archive is a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts (such as books and images) in digital form. Free access is provided to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public.

Top Documentary Films collects documentaries from Youtube and other video sources online to provide open access to documentaries, such as "There's No Tomorrow."

Citation Resources

Link to the Citations-Bibliograhies  page to access online style guides and to learn about citation management software.

better than Google. . . .

Try Scholar OneSearch everything box. It searches like Google, but has some value-added refinements for researchers. 

Primary Sources

What are primary sources?

Suggested primary sources for your research include:

Digital National Security Archives contains thousands of declassified government covering critical world events, countries, and U. S.policy decisions from post World War II.



New York Times, Historical (1851-2008)  (ProQuest) --NOTE: use the Advance search and limit the Date to 1959 for a manageable number of results.


For questions involving companies, check the for annual reports. Historical ones may be searched using the database, Annual Reports at Academic Libraries. Note: You need to search Coca-Cola, as cola brings up Royal crown Cola and Coca Cola finds nothing.

Other Resources

Academic Search Premier is an interdisciplinary resource. You can combine it with other parts of the EBSCOhost family of databases to have a customized search tool

Access World News for English language newspaper and newswire information, not historical, but useful for an "on the ground" look at a country.

Cambridge Histories Online provides full text to almost 250 volumes on history.Work your way through a volume by using the search option: <CTRL> + F key to search the full text --one way to find mention of 1959 Mexico!

Historical New York Times , 1851-2008 (ProQuest) use the Advanced Search to limit the results by date of publication.

JSTOR a digital archive of scholarly articles; use the Advanced Search option and scroll down to focus your search on relevant journals in Latin American Studies. There are 54 journals in that collection.

Where's the article?

The most direct way to an article is through a database:



Or, you may need to click on Check for Full Text Article link and have the NU Husky search for the article!


Other websites non-profit website "for all people who wish to fight to improve their lives. . . . ." Read the About page and history before using the information from this website.

Coca-Cola in Latin America a chronology by the Coca-Cola company celebrating 100 years in Latin America, 1906-2006.

Global NonViolent Action Database is a searchable database of campaigns (not movements ).