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We are still offering consultation services during the COVID-19 move to online instruction. Please feel free to reach out for virtual appointments! For more information on library services and resources, please click here.

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences : Preceptor Access

A guide to online and print resources in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

Access to resources for preceptors--Overview

Welcome to the Northeastern University Libraries! As a preceptor with a sponsored account you have access to the same resources as current students, faculty, and staff. Note: Some resources are limited at clinical sites due to restrictions in their licensing agreements. The same location restrictions apply to preceptors as apply to students, faculty, and staff.

Step One

Preceptors: Apply for your sponsored account through the ITS (Information Technology Services) web site.

The sponsoring department is responsible for authorizing your request and renewing your account when it expires.

After receiving notification that your sponsored account has been approved, claim the account by following the instructions in the email.

Step Two

Once you have a sponsored account, you can get a Husky ID card. 

Do you want to come visit the library in person, or borrow physical items?

If so, then you will need a Husky ID card. (If you do not need to use the library in person, go to Step Three.)

Fill out the authorization form to obtain a Husky ID card. (See Husky Card services for information about photo guidelines, pick-up locations, etc.)

Then see Registering for Borrowing Privileges from Northeastern University Libraries.

Research Help

Please call 617-373-2356 for research and related questions.

When the research assistance desk is closed (see hours here), please call 617-373-8778 for the main service desk.

Please contact the pharmacy librarian, Kathy Herrlich, with any questions or concerns related to pharmacy resources. Also please contact me if you'd like a tour of the library and/or a research consultation.

Step Three

You have applied for a sponsored account, and your sponsored account has been approved. 

Now you can use the same electronic resources as other Northeastern University affiliates. 

Here is the list of e-resources available to you as a preceptor. Some resources, such as Micromedex, are prohibited from use at clinical sites-- a restriction that is uniformly applied to all Northeastern University affiliates.

The list of e-journals is in the E-journal Finder.

To search for a specific book, go to Browse by Title or limit to "Library catalogs" in Scholar OneSearch.

For Pharmacy resources specifically, see the Articles tab (above) in this guide.

You have picked up your Husky ID card and registered for borrowing privileges.  Now you can borrow materials and visit the library in person.

We are open 24 hours a day for Northeastern University affiliates.

See Borrow & Renew policies.

If you have questions, please call 617-373-8778 for the main service desk or 617-373-2356 for research and related questions.