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Doctor of Law and Policy : Start Here!

This page provides a starting point for your research.



Welcome...just starting?

 Check out the Sage Project Planner in Sage Research Methods.

The Sage Knowledge collection provides handbooks on all aspects of research.




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Roxanne Palmatier
270 Snell Library

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Welcome DLP students in Boston and Seattle!

Welcome DLP students!  Roxanne and Christine are your library partners. Please contact us as needed!

Our guide focuses on interdisciplinary resources. DLP students work across many disciplines, and subject specific guides and additional subject specialists are also available. We can connect you with our colleagues!

Key Resources

Your Librarian

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Christine Oka
270 Snell Library
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Key Data Resources

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Need more help?

Please contact Roxanne Palmatier or Christine Oka, library partners for the DLP program.