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Human Services: HUSV 4700 Capstone

a guide to online and print resources for human services research.

Looking for an example of an annotated bibliography?

Use Scholar OneSearch Library Catalogs option on OneSearch to find a sample annotated bibliography,

 There are over 1,000 print and online examples! TIP: sort the results from RELEVANCE to DATE-NEWEST, you can see recent citation styles.

Another resource for annotated bibliographies is through Oxford Bibliographies

NOTE: If you search and can't find your topic, browse through the article  list. For example, in the UK, they have "adolescent pregnancy" instead of "teen pregnancy"

  Develop your Research Question or Thesis

You have a topic of interest---

               victim compensation packages
               legalizing marijuana
               treating autistic children with applied behavior analysis

Start by writing a question or statement that describes your topic.  For example:

  • There needs to be more discussion about victim compensation packages, especially for survivors of rape or domestic violence.
  • Is it a good idea to legalize marijuana?
  • Applied behavior analysis has been proven successful in treating autistic children. Why isn't it covered by healthcare insurance in all states?

At the same time, collect some background information to set up the scope, or limits, of your thesis statement:

 Suggested resources:

Oxford English Dictionary  -- Did you know the phrase "restorative justice" was first used in 1834? 

International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences

 Start with one piece of your topic and use the "Search within results" to further refine results. NOTE: Applied behavior analysis as a search found over 900 articles--adding autism refined it to a more manageable 10.

Sometimes searches will mention names of organizations, think tanks, research centers or government agencies with additional information. For example--Council for Affordable Health Insurance  ( Google search looks like "Council for Affordable Health Insurange") located a report on state laws, autism and health insurance   or lead to State Insurance Mandates for Autism Spectrum Disorder


Overviews on Issues

Issues and overview information may be found at

Policy File

Global Issues in Context

  Meet our Research and Writing Team

Points of View

Specialized search tools to find issues and opinions include:

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

  CQ Researcher full text collection covering major issues with an overview article, pros and cons, chronology (timeline of the issue), along with a bibliography-- helpful for the annotated bibliography requirement.

Keep track of your resources for the bibliography

 You have citation management options..

 Some databases let you keep track within the database.

The Ebsco databases, for example, will let you create a myEbscoHost account that will let you keep your articles in folder or subfolders, save your search histories, and set up article alerts.

Academic Search Premier: