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Citizen Science: Home

Links and info for the Citizen Science in Action with Zooniverse event for Open Access Month.

Event info

Citizen Science in Action with Zooniverse


Thurs., October 6th, 2016, 4-7 pm.  

Drop in any time, and stay for as long as you'd like.


DSC Media Lounge - 211 Snell Library


Want to see how easy it is to contribute to citizen science research?  Drop in for a hack-a-thon style session and work with us on a Zooniverse project!  No prior experience is necessary.  We'll provide guidance (and pizza!), just bring a laptop or tablet to participate.  

What is Zooniverse?

Zooniverse is a web platform where researchers and institutions open their data to solicit help from citizens.  (Hence the 'citizen science'!)

While Zooniverse is often thought of as a home for citizen science projects, many of the projects hosted on Zooniverse span disciplines. There are currently active projects in history, literature, social sciences, and the arts.

Project links

For our event on Oct. 6th, we're planning to focus on these three projects:


Animal faces - teaching computers to recognize animal faces

Jungle rhythms - transcribing observations of tree life cycles collected in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Mapping change - transcribing specimen data to map historical species distribution 


That said, once you get the hang of how the Zooniverse platform works, you are welcome to work on any project that appeals to you.

Your efforts could make a difference

Hanny van Arkel is a schoolteacher in the Netherlands who participated in an early Zooniverse project called Galaxy Zoo.  While scrutinizing photos of the cosmos she discovered an object not previously noted by astronomers.  That object turned out to be as large as our Milky Way, and is now known as Hanny's Voorwerp.  (Voorwerp is Dutch for 'object'.)