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SOCL 2270 Race and Ethnic Relations

Focuses on racial and religious groups, particularly with reference to the United States. Places special emphasis on historical development, specific problems of adjustment and assimilation, and present-day problems and trends. SOCL 2270 and AFAM 2270 are

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Citing Sources using ASA Style


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Fall 2018 Training

The Fall citation management workshops are coming to a close. There is one more workshop on 10 Advanced EndNote Features November 14 (register here).  The workshops have been recorded and cover skills in utilizing these tools: Endnote, RefWorks, Zotero, Mendeley. The Introduction to Citation Management webinar helps you choose the best tool for you. See how citation management software can help your create your bibliography and keep track of your references in this 60 second video.

NEW: We have tutorials available that show shortcuts for exporting to EndNote (Instructions for Mac and for PC).