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HIST 1200/01 1492: Conquest and Encounter in the New World

Citing Sources

Chicago Manual of Style

Chicago Manual of Style: The Notes and Bibliography System

Examples: books and journal articles, websites

Special cases:

One source quoted by another source (i.e. a letter or other primary source quoted in a book or article::

Websites of primary sources like letters and photographs

Including the URL or DOI for electronic journal articles (can be helpful to readers)

ALWAYS proofread your citations!  Suggested citations and automatic formatting are imperfect.

  • JSTOR does not always provide "Place of publication" information for books.  You must google that and add it manually.
  • JSTOR treats individual book chapters as if they were independent, instead of citing them as a book with a single author. Click on the book title and then "cite this" in order to get a more correct citation format.
  • Check font case: The first word in a title is capitalized, subsequent words are also capitalized unless they are prepositions or conjunctions.  

Citation software help: Snell Library supports Endnote, Mendelay, Refworks, Zotero