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Research Fundamentals: Susan Bordo - Beauty (Re)discovers the Male Body

A guide to print and online resources for starting your research.

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From Ways of Reading: An Anthology for Readers:

 "Bordo assumes, always, that the representations of men's bodies are generally read (or viewed) in the context of the similar use of womne's bodies--in art, in advertising, in visual popular culture (including film and television).

For this assignment, choose two sources--one ad directed you feel, primarily to men and another ad directed primarily to women. Write an essay in which you use Bordo's essay, and its claims, to think through your examples.

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Biographical Materials

Read about the life and work of Susan Bordo or learn more about the anthropologist, Lionel Tiger, or the philosopher, Plato.

Biography Resource Center

The Male Body Re(discovered)

The original David of Michelangelo; the statue stands 5.17 meters tall.

Attribution: David Gaya at Wikimedia Commons.

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Masculine beauty on display.
Remember the Old Spice commercials?

Compare it to the New Spice parody.


Read more about Plato, feminist theory and aesthetics (what Susan Brodo describes as "sexiness")

Some possibilities include:

International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article on Feminist Perspectives on the Body.

Primary Sources

Review question:  What is a Primary Source?

For a look at old ads, visit Ad*Access collection, an archive of  1911-1955 print advertisements at the Duke University Libraries


Review question:  What is a scholarly article?

Try the Library's Scholar OneSearch service for a Google-style approach to searching. 

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