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Research Fundamentals: Susan Griffin - Our Secret

A guide to print and online resources for starting your research.

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From Ways of Reading: An Anthology for Readers:


"Write an essay in which you present an account of how Griffin does her work...As you reread, look to those sections where Griffin seems to be speaking to her readers about her work - about how she reads and how she writes, about how she gathers her materials and how she studies them. What is she doing? What is at stake in adopting such methods?


"At several points in her essay "Our Secret," Susan Griffin argues that we - all of us - are part of a complex web of connections...Look for connections that seem important to the text (and to you) and to be representative of Griffin's thinking (and useful to yours). Write an essay in which you use these examples to think through the ways Griffin answers the questions she raises: Who are we?"

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Images of War

Prisoners (Kathe Kollwitz), ARTstor

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Learn more about the concepts of the self and society. Get background information on Nazism or the Holocaust.

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International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Encyclopedia Britannica

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Primary Sources

Review question:  What is a Primary Source?

View documents, images, and maps in the Nazi Germany section of German History in Documents and Images


Review question:  What is a scholarly article?

Try the Library's Scholar OneSearch service for a Google-style approach to searching. 

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