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Regulatory Affairs of Food and Food Industries: Find Articles & Websites

This guide introduces you to key resources supporting your research on food law, policy, food science, international issues, business and marketing.

Databases for Scholarly, magazine, peer reviewed, and newspaper articles

Topic Suggestions

Many databases will include articles on food safety and food industry. Try some of the databases listed above for articles in scholarly journals, magazines and newspapers.

  • farm to table
  • farm bill
  • food safety
  • genetically modified foods
  • food (in)security
  • child nutrition
  • global food markets
  • organic agriculture; certification
  • local food
  • animal health
  • energy drinks
  • food labeling & packaging
  • dietary supplements regulation
  • recalls
  • food allergies

Finding Journal Articles

Journal Search

Includes all print and e-journals at NU

If We Don't Have It

Try Interlibrary Loan to request books or articles not available at NU.