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Education: Quantitative/Qualitative Articles

A guide for locating online research resources in Education

Finding Qualitative/Quantitative Articles

To retrieve quantitative or qualitative articles, add the term qualitative or qualitative research or qualitative studies;       quantitative  or  quantitative research or quantitative studies to your key word/concept search string.

For example: attrition and college freshman and qualitative research

                    parental involvement and k-12 and quantitative studies

                    first generation college students and quantitative

Next: Click on the title of the article to view the full abstract. The abstract will usually include whether the article is qualitative or quantitative or both.

Quantitative: In the social sciences, quantitative research refers to the systematic empirical investigation of social phenomena via statistical, mathematical or computational techniques. 

QualitativeQualitative research is about exploring issues, understanding phenomena, and answering questions.

Data: Refers to summary information presented numerically in graphs, charts, or tables and the underlying survey results; Can be thought of as the information collected during a study. Data are the results of measuring variables. Data can be qualitative (e.g. eye color) or quantitative (e.g. annual income).



Qualitative and Quantitative E-books

The following e-books are representative of the library's materials on research methods and related topics.  Search the library catalog version of Scholar OneSearch to locate additional print and e-books on research.