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Anthropology: Reference Tools

A guide to print and online resources in anthropology

Reference books

A selection of print and online reference sources.

Reference Sources on the Web

African Pygmies, "a website dedicated to the hunter-gatherer peoples living in the Central African rainforests, commonly called pygmies."

American Anthropological Association Style Guide (2009)

American National Biography Online

Encyclopaedia of Islam (Brill)

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences --IBSS

International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences 

Osford Bibliographies provide annotated bibliography and a high-level encyclopedia for the a number disciplines, including Anthropology, Atlantic History, Public Health, Sociology.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America

SBRnet (Sport Business Research Network) provides a variety of sports-related information sources in one place.

The Scout Report is a current awareness service updated weekly at the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. This respected resource provides up-to-date information about research tools and webpages. Their Selection Critera, shows their guidelines for evaluating webpages.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP) is a useful starting point for reviewing concepts, with articles on colonialism, African philosophy, and race written by authorities on those subjects.

Finding Anthropology Materials in Snell Library

GN1-890 Anthropology
GN49-298 Physical anthropology. Somatology
      GN51-59 Anthropometry
      GN62.8-265 Human variation i
ncluding growth, physical form, skeleton, nervous system, skin, etc. 
GN269-279 Race (General) 
      GN280.7 Man as an animal. Simian traits versus human traits 
      GN281-289 Human evolution 
      GN282-286.7 Fossil man. Human paleontology 
      GN296-296.5 Medical anthropology 
      GN301-674 Ethnology. Social and cultural anthropology 
      GN357-367 Culture and cultural processes
Including social change, structuralism, diffusion, etc. 
      GN378-396 Collected ethnographies 
      GN397-397.7 Applied anthropology 
      GN406-517 Cultural traits, customs, and institutions 
      GN406-442 Technology. Material culture 
Including food, shelter, fire, tools, etc.
      GN448-450.8 Economic organization. Economic anthropology
      GN451-477.7 Intellectual life
Including communication, recreation, philosophy, religion, knowledge, etc.
      GN478-491.7 Social organization
      GN492-495.2 Political organization. Political anthropology
      GN495.4-498 Societal groups, ethnocentrism, diplomacy, warfare, etc.
      GN502-517 Psychological anthropology
      GN537-674 Ethnic groups and races
      GN550-674 By region or country
      GN700-890 Prehistoric archaeology