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Criminal Justice: Research Basics

New Research Resource



Check Sage's Research Basics page for Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Also check our Sage Knowledge collection for a wide assortment of texts on all aspects of the research process.  


Research Essentials

Learn about your topic: discover main issues, key players and organizations, theoretical framework, pros and cons, etc.


Use the Criminology and Sociology Bibliographies to learn about your  research topic. Popular bibliographies include Human Trafficking, Police Misconduct, and Hot Spots Policing.


    Overviews of current topics, i.e., Airline Security or Human Trafficking. 




   Policy File Index                        Reports from think tanks and research organizations.                                                            






These are examples of discipline-specific encyclopedias.  Use these resources to find overviews which cover major aspects of a topic and highlight key issues related to that topic.

Check out our new Research Tutorials!

How do I find peer-reviewed articles? (Video)       How do I find peer-reviewed articles? (Slides)

Is this article peer reviewed?  (Video)                    Is this article peer reviewed? (Slides)


Check out our Types of Periodicals page to learn about the different kinds of journals/periodicals available in Snell, including scholarly peer-reviewed journals, professional and trade publications, popular magazines and news, and opinion and commentary publications.

Use Ulrich's Web to find information about a journal, including its type (i.e., trade, consumer, scholarly, peer-reviewed).    In Ulrich's, the referee's shirt indicates peer-reviewed content.

Many library search engines provide a peer-reviewed selection box.  Once clicked, this feature limits search results to scholarly, peer-reviewed materials.  Many of the criminology/criminal justice search engines available at NU provide this feature, including Criminal Justice Abstracts, Academic Search Premier, Sociological Abstracts, and the Social Sciences Premium Collection.

Several discovery tools for peer-reviewed literature are described below:

Check our Social Science Statistics and Social Science Data pages for additional guidance.

For statistical overviews try:

For data, try

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Please e-mail Roxanne Palmatier, library contact for Criminal Justice.