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Political Science: Research Essentials

New Research Resource



Check Sage's Research Basics page for Political Science and International Relations.

Use the Project Planner to get an overview of the research process.  


Research Basics - Begin Here!

Learn about your topic: discover main issues, key players and organizations, theoretical frameworks, pros and cons, etc.


Use the International Relations Bibliography to learn about your  research topic. Popular bibliographies include Human Rights, Counterinsurgency, Genocides, and Conflict Resolution.


    Examines pros and cons of current topics with a focus on international issues.  




   Policy File Index                                    Reports from think tanks and research organizations.                                                            



These are examples of discipline-specific encyclopedias.  Use these resources to find overviews which cover major aspects of a topic and highlight key issues related to that topic.

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Please e-mail Roxanne Palmatier, library contact for Political Science and International Affairs.