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Political Science: The Sixties (Open Classroom)

The Sixties - Getting Started

New to the Sixties?  Below you'll find ways to learn about the themes, events, people, sights, and sounds of the decade.

Overviews of the Sixties

Use the Scholar OneSearch box to the right to search the library's collection for books, e-books, audio, and video on the sixties. Sample a few chapters to get an overview of an event or trend.  Below you'll see samples of materials from our collections; blue highlighted titles indicate e-books.

Journal Articles

These search engines provide access to a broad range of scholarly articles which may be useful in investigating different aspects of the 1960's. This is a selective list; other search engines may be helpful in examining the topic you choose.

Images and Sound

Primary and Secondary Sources

Below are definitions taken from the library's page on Primary Sources.  Many research projects use both kinds of resources.  Take a look at a list of the library's Primary Sources; several resources listed here including historical newspapers or the NAACP Papers may help.

Primary Sources are original, first-hand observations or accounts of events or experiments. They may include books, journal or newspaper articles, audio-visual materials, many government documents, statistical data, and archival materials. See the Primary Source page for additional information.

Secondary Sources are most often interpretations or analyses of primary source information. Most secondary sources found in libraries are in the form of books, journal articles, and reference materials.

Also, take a look at the Snell Library History Guide; this is an excellent place to discover primary sources.

Government Information