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Political Science: American Government - R. Hedlund

State Profiles and Demographics

Use these resources to create state profiles and investigate issues and trends of importance in the state government.

Your State - General Information

The following resources will help you explore the state you've chosen to represent.  Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia offer detailed portraits of the states while provides links to individual state government web sites.  Remember to use Wikipedia judiciously!

Check the web sites of your state's Senators. These sites vary in quality and quantity of information provided, but often provide helpful insights into the current concerns of state residents.

Explore state web sites. To access most state web sites, type the two letter state postal abbreviation followed by .gov.  For example: or

Policy Issues and Topic Overviews


Visit the Social Science Statistics page for more facts and figures about states and localities.

Your State - Demographic Profile

Citing Data

Legislative Process, Bill Drafting, and Sample Bill Texts

Policy Issues - State Specific