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Health Informatics: Cite Your Sources

A guide to library resources and research in health and personal health informatics

Citation Managers

What is a Citation Manager?

A citation management tool is software that helps you organize your research, and create reference lists, bibliographies, in-text citations into a specific citation style such as AMA, APA, and more.

Cite with Microsoft Word

When you install the EndNote software to your computer, it comes with a plugin for Word, called Cite While You Write. This plugin will allow you to add references directly to your papers as you're writing them.

For PC Users:

For Mac users:

Using RefWorks with Microsoft Word or Google Docs

Citation Style Guides

If you're not sure which citation format to use, please check with your instructor.

APA 2010 Update

APA Exposed: " Everything You Always Wanted to Know about APA Format but Were Afraid to Ask".  Online Tutorial.  From Harvard Graduate School of Education.

AMA Manual of Style (American Medical Association)