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E-books and E-book Collections: Knovel

A guide to e-books in the library collection


Search Knovel

  • Interactive ebooks, engineering and scientific handbooks and reference books for science and engineering.

  • Data Search retrieves numeric and other tabular data contained in Knovel's interactive graphs, equations and tables.
  • Includes unit converter and periodic table.
  • Knovel is optimized for use with Internet Explorer 11 and above, and current versions of Firefox and Chrome. Using older web browsers, or disabling browser features such as JavaScript, cookies and SSL reduce functionality. 

  • Permits printing or downloading of one chapter at a time.

    Tip: a Knovel search retrieves material in a variety of formats.  You can limit to books by selecting "book titles" in the panel to the left of the search results list. 

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