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Shakespeare Research: ENGL 1600, Fall 2011

Working With Search Results

Break into groups of 4-5, choose a group reporter, and analyze your search results together. Of course, the “best” results can vary on where you are in the research process! To evaluate, consider:

  • Which results are good for background info at the beginning of your project?
  • Which sources likely have more detailed information, appropriate for later in your project?
  • How do you tell which articles are from the popular press and which are scholarly?

Come up with at least one tip for your fellow students on how to analyze search results. Your group reporter will share this tip with the class.  We will, as a class, come up with a master list of search tips.

Suggested Websites, from ENGL 1600 Fall 2011

Selected and annotated by undergraduate students in ENGL 1600, Fall 2011; please note, this list is not maintained.