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Multimedia Resources for Research and Content Creation: Digital Storytelling

This interdisciplinary guide provides resources to support the creation of scholarly digital projects and presentations.

Digital Story Resources


Using Archival Footage

What is Digital Storytelling?

"Digital storytelling is the practice of combining narrative with digital content, including images, sound, and video, to create a short movie, typically with a strong emotional component. Sophisticated digital stories can be interactive movies that include highly produced audio and visual effects, but a set of slides with corresponding narration or music constitutes a basic digital story. Digital stories can be instructional, persuasive, historical, or reflective. The resources available to incorporate into a digital story are virtually limitless, giving the storyteller enormous creative latitude. Some learning theorists believe that as a pedagogical technique, storytelling can be effectively applied to nearly any subject. Constructing a narrative and communicating it effectively require the storyteller to think carefully about the topic and consider the audience’s perspective."


 Educause Learning Initiative. 7 things you should know about Digital Storytelling. January 2007.