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Science (general resources) : Patents

A guide for library resources and research in General Science

free patent searching

  • Google Patents  
    Fastest place to go for all US patents and some US patent applications. Contains PDFs of patents.
  • European Patent Office - esp@cenet  
    Esp@cenet contains European patents and patent applications. Also contains many WO patents. Downloadable and printable in PDF.
  • FreePatentsOnline    
    Requires registration to access PDFs of patents. Allows for RSS feeds and PDF and XML data downloads.
  • Japan Patent Office (JPO)  
    Access to japanese patent abstracts.
  • Patent Lens  
    Contains US patents from 1976+, European, World, and Australian patents. Contains patent applications from U.S., World, and Australia. Searches full-text, downloadable into RIS format.
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office     
    Access to all U.S. patents and U.S. patent applications. However, full text viewing requires a TIFF viewer, which requires an extra step. Recommend other databases on this page first.
  • United States Patent Statitistics  
    Patent statistical reports based on organization, geographical location, technology, and inventor.
  • World Intellectual Patent Office  
    Under PatentScope, contains 1 million world patents and patent applications; will have a WO prefix. When viewing patent, click on "Document" to download in PDF, ZIP, or XML.